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5 absolutely banging California-inspired sauces lovingly grown from seed to sauce by a dude called Carlos in Grenada, Spain. Comes packed lovingly into one of our ULTIMATE boxes.


HABANERO: A very hot sauce. Made with red savina habañeros, carrots, onions, garlic, lemon juice, and a touch of salt. All Natural. This sauce is addictive... Hot, but with strong taste of habañero, garlic, onion, and with citrus overtones.

CHIPOTLE-PINA: The Chipotle Pineapple Sauce is medium hot. With smoky overtones from the chipotle pepper, fresh onion and garlic, and sweetness from fresh pineapple this sauce is just right for fajitas, tacos, and all Mexican dishes. It can be used the last five minutes of barbequed chicken, pork, or fish, or apply to oven baked meats throughout the cooking process.

MOSTAZA HABANERO: This honey mustard habañero sauce is hot! Mustard, habañero, honey, white wine vinegar, and a little brown sugar. First the heat from the habañero hits you, then the sweetness of the honey, and finally a nice mustard taste takes over your taste buds. Great with Bratwurst, pork tenderloin, and baked ham.

VENENO DEL BUENO CON MANGO: This name comes from the blood red color of this salsa. We start with lots of fresh Red Savina habaneros, then add fresh Mangos from Motril, apple cider vinegar from Jaen, lemon juice from the Sierra Nevadas, and a touch of virgin sea salt from Isla Cristina. This is truly a great sauce, with a strong habanero flavor, and undertones of mango.

AL SUR DEL INFIERNO: This SUPER hot sauce, the hottest pepper sauce made in Spain, is hand made in the foothills of the Spanish Sierra Nevada. It is very possibly the hottest sauce made in all of Europe. It is very spicy, but, with lots of extra garlic, onion,carrots, and fresh lemon juice it is very tasty. With loads of fresh Red Savina habanero, habanero poder, and a bit of capsaisin extract from India it might just be Too Hot! From a secret récipe, with origins in California, it is a super sauce.